CSS grid gap property

January 01, 2022 • ☕️ 1 min read

Today I was messing around with a CSS grid layout and found myself having to add row-gap and column-gap and immediately thought to myself that grid seemingly has a shorthand property for everything and I discovered there is the gap property!

Basically, you either give it a one or two values and it sets either the row-gap and column-gap to:

  • The same value if you provide a single value (i.e. 40px)
  • row-gap will get the first value and column-gap will get the second value if you provide two values (i.e. 40px 2rem)

Because some of the shorthand properties for CSS grid can be a bit tricky to remember which property is set based on the position of the value in the list, I think I’ll probably just use this one for when I want to set both the row-gap and column-gap to the same value, otherwise I’ll explicitly set both if they are different values.

I’ve created a short codepen to show this in action.

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Written by Dave Cooper